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The Green Hotel

November '04 issue of TIME carries an article about the Best of Asia. Was pleasantly surprised to find The Green Hotel being listed as the Best Place to Indulge while saving the planet. Following is an excerpt from the article:

The Green Hotel is a lesson in Karma. The staff are orphans, widows and untouchables. Rescued from a life of penury by the hotel's owners, Britain's Charities Advisory Trust, they also happen to be the most cheerful waiters, receptionists and bellboys you'll ever meet. The hotel also follows firm rules on conservation and ecology. As a result, this 100-year-old former retreat for Mysore's royal family retains a timeless peace that only the removal of television, generators and air conditioning can achieve.

More details can be found here. More reasons to visit The Green Hotel now :-)
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Very interesting. I was surprised to know this.... staying in mysore for 4 years . i never visited that hotel or didn't know much about it.
Will see that next time i am in mysore. i will go to the Green.
Oh! nice to hear this. It was so close to college, and we visited it only once :-( Any way, good work. So, Capo, why don't you give a treat there in Green sometime, when we all visit mysore next time ? ;)
> why don't you give a treat there in Green sometime
Sure, when all you guys make it there ;-)